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        Welcome to CMEPO Exhibition Co.,Ltd official website


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        China International Robot Show China International Robot Show

        China International Robot Show

        For more details, please click

        China International Intelligent Factory Equipment & Solutions Show China International Intelligent Factory Equipment & Solutions Show

        China International Intelligent Factory Equipment & Solutions Show

        For more details, please click

        Yangtze River Delta Robot Expo Yangtze River Delta Robot Expo

        Yangtze River Delta Robot Expo

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        For more details, please click

        WUSC 2019 WUSC 2019

        WUSC 2019


        Business opportunities, strong lineup, wider industry audiences, more learning opportunities.


        CMEPO Exhibition Co. Ltd. belonging to Chinese Machinery Industry Federation, referred to as "CMEPO", the company has been adhering to the "professional, brand, service" purposes, mainly in the service of automation and robotics and related fields, and strive to develop international professional exhibition.

                In 2012,
         CMEPO has teamed up with China Machinery Industry Federation jointly build "China International Robot Show (CIROS)", and is supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China. CIROS as official exhibition platform of China Robot Industry Alliance is the top professional robot exhibition of whole field in China and the only exhibition supported by International Federation of Robotics (IFR) in China also is honored as the first China robot exhibition. To promote and respond to market demand of China industrial intelligent system and automation process, "SIAS2017 China International Industrial Automation Show" will be hold with CIROS at the same period and make a perfectly explanation on the intelligence and innovation of industrial automation.

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